Promoting expatriate management as a profession.

- Training in all areas of expatriate management


- Setting up of expatriate policies and procedures


- Years of experience

I am very excited to announce that I have developed a certification course in expatriate management comprising several modules, culminating in a certificate in expatriate management.


The course covers all the fundamentals of expatriate management as applied globally with a focus on Africa.

Africa is a great continent drenched in rich diversity. Each country is unique with its own internal diversity of culture, languages and tribes. Africa is in fact a continent of diversity within diversity.


This is what makes the task of working in these countries successfully more complex and fascinating.


I have been privileged to travel to many of the countries for due diligence, starting up new companies, expatriate support visits, HR training and roll out of initiatives such as EVP and employee recognition programs.


I was willingly thrust into expatriate management many years ago, knowing nothing at all about it, and discovered a new passion. With all my experience and knowledge, I am driven to promote expatriate management as a profession. This is how my business came into being, and along with the consulting services that I provide, I am now able to help others to discover and succeed in the profession.

The course is currently being offered in Gauteng. I plan to offer the course in the Cape and Natal as the need arises. The current format is very interactive, but I am investigating the option of offering it online in the future.


Each module has an examination, and a certificate of attendance and completion will be issued for each.

The course is geared toward human resources employees either currently working with expatriates, or wanting to get into the profession. Senior management will also find this course enabling, to understand what is required from and by the expatriate management department.


In international companies this is a vital area to ensure that the business and human risks are minimized by being not only legislatively compliant in each country, but also to ensure that all expatriate costs are contained without compromising the quality of the lives of the expatriate families.


People are fragile, and this makes expatriate management very challenging and fulfilling.